The Best Time to Start a Business is Right Now

the best business to start today

While this global “pandemic” is destroying businesses and economy, truly the best time to start a business is right now. The main reason is that the situation is going to get worse and second reason is that there will be higher demand after many businesses close. It’s good idea to have a back door when the things turn wrong way.

But what is the best kind of business that offers flexibility and low risk start-up investment?

It’s an online business.

But it doesn’t mean that there is no risk involved if things are done wrong.

There are several different kind of online businesses and ways to start.

One of my favorite approach to quickly build a business with low risk and investment is affiliate marketing. The second best to my taste is product launch, if everything is planned right with real scarecity, urgency, and built-up value in extras and bonuses, it’s massive paydays.

But let’s talk about affiliate marketing because that how most of the online entrepreneurs started and then they move on to own product creation and product launch. It’s like a cycle, unless you are a skilled sales person or marketer with ability to create high quality product or service, affiliate marketing is the best to dip the toes in water before you swim. And it certainly requires less time and financial investment.

How to start affiliate marketing business?

All you need to do is to learn a few vital skills such as building up website, some graphic design, content strategies like copywriting or finding a good writer, SEO or/and paid advertising.

The most popular website builder software between online marketers has always been WordPress until now. WordPress is good, but just not good enough, and with all the plugins that you must get in order to build professional money making website are also risks involved. Another thing is that WordPress is not that beginner friendly like for example GrooveFunnels.

Double-Solver solution

GrooveFunnels is the free brand-new platform and set of 17 digital marketing apps that all easily integrate with each other. This software was created by some of the smartest minds in internet marketing industry, so the assurance of it’s quality is guaranteed, what I cannot guarantee is that you will like it and make the use of it.

Also they have an affiliate program for all free GrooveFunnels members offering 20% commission on tier 1 and 5% on tier 2 referral program, but if you decide to upgrade to paid member, your commission is bumped up to 40% commission on tier 1 and 10% on tier 2.

Lets start with GrooveFunnels affiliate program today and start promoting quality products that helps other people.

10 Interesting Facts About Content Marketing and Publishing

Content marketing tips and facts

Hubspot offers great learning about inbound marketing which is primarily content based marketing. While going through few of their educational videos, I made a few keynotes, which I thought were little gems of great insight. Here they are:

1.   Social media isn’t free. Creating Accounts and sharing is free. Content creation isn’t.   It takes time, people, money and lots of out of box thinking.

2.   On the web, you are what you publish!
3.   Everyone needs attention.
4.  Either you buy attention via advertising or beg through PR or bug people via telesales, email marketing. There is a better way – Earn it via content marketing.
5.     Nobody cares about your product, except you . People want their problems to be solved. They are constantly looking for cheap and best solutions. If your products solves their problem, that’s when they will take a note of your solutions.  Are you, right in front of their eyes when they are searching for solutions? Are they able to understand you? Do you speak their language without any mumbo jumbo?Are you able to convince them that you can give them the best solution? Can they trust you? What do you do to create trust?
6.    Before you work up your marketing plan, check the existing leaks in your site’s traffic. Look at the bounce rate. Do you seo for the rising keyword not the falling keywords. Use Google trends. Look below the top 10 keyword list.
7.   Find loyal customers, those who surf three pages and more. Track which keyword and which website sends loyal and repeat customers. Work on them to increase more. What kind of content is bringing you more visitors? (Keep an eye on the ratio of content produced vs visitors who came due to that content)
8.     Define goals. Assign an economic value to it.
9.   Have multiple goals, not just sales. Goals like how many opted for newsletter or become rss subscriber, bought other side products or etc.
10.   Content isn’t great unless it makes people link to you. Find those who can link   Leverage emotions which others can relate to and will make them link or share it. Excitement, anger, surprise, pride. In twitter don’t just focus on number of followers. Focus on retweets, message sent or received per day. Similarly in facebook, don’t just focus on friends, focus on how many comment, shares, likes your post.
Here is a bonus tip:
11.    While creating content. Focus on three stages. Curious, information seekers. Second, those who want to compare you with your competition and those who are in the deciding phase. Incentivize them by “act now” benefits.